Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Rainy Day

I want to acknowledge that maintaining this farm journal blog is just going to have to be secondary to maintaining a farm. I think posts will come in spurts on rainy days like this one. I have a few things to post about today... I hope I will get to them all. RG has an "Octoberfest" gig all day. T is climbing the walls waiting for 6:00 to roll around, when we will go to the town Halloween Party. That is going to be a drippy event, no doubt.

There will (no doubt) be pictures up at of halloween costumes and other things.

In fact, updates to the picture albums come in spurts too, not a bad idea to check there from time to time if you want updates on what's in my camera. The camera card is only 128mb.. I usually update the web albums when I am forced to dump the card.

Speaking of web albums and blogs.. I discovered that you can subscribe via RSS to the google web albums, the same way you can subscribe to a blog. So if anyone reading this uses an RSS reader or site (I use Bloglines), you can subscribe to the web albums too, and you will be updated whenever I add new pictures.

So, on this drippy, runny day, I asked what I could do to forward BHF ? Not much, it turns out. So I'm blogging. I'm also making some kind of stew concoction out of some North Hero yellow-eye beans that my neighbor sells. I've wanted to cook those for a very long time. And I have a loaf of crusty whole wheat bread rising in the oven right now too. I didn't even use the bread machine. It turns out that kneading dough is a very satisfying activity.

I have no pictures of this day, unfortunately. The lawn is still bright green and it is increasingly covered by yellow-orange leaves falling off our big old maple tree in the front yard. The view to the lake is opening up more as leaves fall from the trees over there. In fact I can see some very hearty kayakers out there now, paddling along in a steady rainfall. It may not be raining as hard as I think it is; I am being treated to the sound of rain on the porch roof. It is probably louder than it is wet.

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