Saturday, March 22, 2008

Un Oeuf For a Meal

We found our first egg on March 14. On March 16 we found another, and on March 17, a third. Each one was a little larger than the first. The 3rd egg is the one at the top of the photo.

On Tueday March 18 we ate them for supper. (Monday the 17th was out because we had corned beef and Guinness.)

It was quite an event. RG opened each one with the greatest of care, and we carefully studied each one. Why so interested? Well, since there are two roos living in the coop, then these eggs will be fertilized.. Egg 1, the smallest of the three, did not appear to be fertilized. But 2 and 3 were. You can see the little spots in the photos below, esp if you click on the photo to view the larger size.

Oeuf le premier

Le deuxième

Le troisième

I have been told that once upon a time, some folks believed fertilized eggs to be better for you. I think we know today that this isn't true. At least the USDA says it isn't. And if they say it, it must be true. Especially since commercially produced eggs are unfertilized. The USDA wouldn't say it if weren't so, right? Hmm. But I digress. I don't really think that there is any difference.

After careful inspection, each egg was laid carefully in the pan. I have never cooked a fresh egg before; I have heard that they don't spread out as much as store-bought eggs. As you can see below, one of these spread out a lot more than the other two. I'm guessing that was the first one (the oldest).

At last, the finished product. Tony had his with toast and a little bit of bison steak. RG and I had ours with salt & pepper (..and leftover corned beef & Guinness!) Very satisfying.

Perhaps this has been more than is necessary for a meal of three fried eggs. Look at it this way; I can never do it again!


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I love it! And when my chickens lay their first eggs, I will absolutely dedicate a blog entry to it - complete with pictures, just like yours. Such a major event deserves to be well documented. Cute actor in the video too ;-)

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